OnBase Contracts Reference Guide


This guide will discuss the desktop version of OnBase, including how to find and review contracts using OnBase.

Logging in

You must use the desktop shortcut on your computer (or a copy of that shortcut) to log in to OnBase. Your username and password will not work.

Colleagues with access are set up with a shortcut on their desktop for autologin. Select the program from your desktop and wait for it to load.

Using OnBase

After OnBase opens, you’ll see Document Retrieval and 3 boxes below on the left side of your screen.

Document Type Group:


Select Contract Files.

Document Type:


Select Contracts. The Date Range fields in this box work based on the date the contract was scanned into the system. Since most were scanned in batches, this search may have little relevance.



Either enter or select information to perform a search for a contract. There are several search options available. You can also click the “=” buttons to select “>” or “<”. You’re required to fill in one field for a search.

If keyword options are missing, expand the box by clicking the horizontal lines above “Keywords.”

Contract Party

Enter information after the = sign or select the ↓-button for an alphabetical list of vendor/contractor names.

Contract Title

Enter information after the = sign or select the ­↓-button for an alphabetical list of contract descriptions.

Contract Date

The effective date or date the contract was signed.

Full Text

A Full Text search allows you to look for any word(s) in the contract (name, address, etc.). When you select this option, your results will come back with a Score. This is the probability of the match. Highest percentages appear first. Opening the document will show where the match appears.


Search Results

Your search results will display in a pop-up box across your screen.

Previous search history (during your current session) appears on the left, and results of the current search appear on the right.


If you select a document from the right side, it will open in a separate pop up box over your search results.

Once the document is open, you’ll have additional options to open as a PDF, print, or save.


Helpful Tips

  • If your Keywords box is empty you have not made selections from the 2 previous boxes: Document Type Group and Document Type.
  • Press Find after entering or selecting your keyword(s) to execute your search.
  • To engage in another search you will first have to Clear Keywords. If you used the Full Text box you have to manual delete or select Clear All.
  • Selecting Clear Keywords will only clear the Contract Party, Contact Title, and Contract Date.
  • Selecting Clear All clears out all boxes. You’ll need to go back into the other two boxes and reselect Contract Files and Contacts before you are able to perform another search.
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