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We have a Teams Voice capable conference phone available for use in Varsity at any time. The phone and two wireless microphones are stored in the closet next to the podium. Make sure to connect the phone to the designated ethernet port or else it will not connect.

1. To connect the Yealink CP965 conference phone to the CPW65 wireless microphones, first make sure that the conference phone is powered on and shows the correct user as signed in.

2. Next, tap the name badge icon in the upper left > Settings > Device settings > Wireless Microphone.


3. Tap the mute button on the wireless microphone to turn it on. You may have to press and hold it for a second or two.


4. Back on the conference phone, click Searching new MIC.


5. You should see MIC connect successfully show in a pop up. Tap I know.

        a. Only one wireless mic can be added at a time.


6. A solid green light appears above the mute icon on the wireless microphone after you initiate a call. This indicates that the mic is live.

        a. Tap the mute icon to mute an individual mic at any time.

        b. If you would like to mute all wireless mics from the conference phone, go to the name badge icon > Settings > Device settings > Wireless Microphone > Standalone mode.



  1. If you’re having issues with a mic, tap the name badge icon > Settings > Device settings > Wireless Microphone. Click Details > Unbind. Then reconnect the mic to the conference phone.

  2. You may also reboot the phone. Tap the name badge icon > Settings > Device settings > Reboot > Reboot phone > OK.

  3. Connect the conference phone to a different ethernet port.

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