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Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Teams Phone.


Will I get a Teams phone number?

Staff will get a new Teams 608 phone number and then be assigned a 308 number once those are ported to Microsoft. Phone numbers will be assigned to interns and students on an as needed basis.


Will I get a physical phone?

Staff will use the Teams client for phone calls. Only special areas like the 1848 Front Desk, 650 Front Desk, Conference Rooms and Nooks will get a physical phone. You may request a physical phone if you have been assigned a permanent office at one of the WFAA locations.


What if I want to keep my old phone number?

WFAA will be porting all 308 numbers to Microsoft later in the project. Temporary 608 numbers will be assigned during the migration. Staff will be assigned their old number after the port.


Why can't I have my current 308 phone number right away?

WFAA is migrating in phases which requires new phone numbers. If we were to use the old numbers, calls would not work from the old phone system to the new phone system.


Will I be able to use Jabber?

Staff should use the Teams client going forward. Jabber access will be disabled when we port the phone numbers to Microsoft. The Jabber client will be removed from laptops at that time.


Will I be required to dial 9 to dial out to make a call?

Teams Phone does not require a number to dial out. Staff will need to use ten-digit dialing for all phone numbers.


Are staff limited to the number of calls they can make using Teams?

Each user has 3000 minutes per month. This is a shared pool of minutes so any unused minutes can be used by other employees.


Will I be able to make international calls from Teams?

Staff will not be able to call internationally using Teams Phone. We only have domestic calling minutes.


Do I need to order business cards with my new Teams phone number?

You do not need to order new business cards. The new Teams phone number is short term until we port the 308 numbers. You can forward the 308 number to the new number so calls going to that number will forward to the new number. Some staff may already have the 308 number forwarded to another number. If that is the case, we recommend forwarding the Teams Phone number to the same number.


How do I know if someone has been migrated to Teams Phone?

This may be a little hard to tell. Employee phone numbers will be updated in Outlook, Connect and CUCM. Front Desk calls will be directed to whatever phone number is listed in those systems. If an employee has a 308 number, they have not been migrated. If they have another phone number, they may have been migrated. Regardless, you will be able to call that person via the phone number listed in the application.


What if I don't want a Teams phone number?

You will get a new Teams phone number as part of the migration. Once the 308 numbers have been ported, all employees will get a 308 number. This is part of the user provisioning process and is standard procedure. You may forward it to your preferred number.

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