Owl Device Set Up and Usage (Work Café)

  1. This is currently the only AV option supported by WFAA IT for the Work Café and we do not loan out Owl devices for external use.
  2. Submit a help desk ticket for the Owl -- stating the date, meeting time, and location where you plan to use the device. Also let us know what time of day you plan to pick it up.
  3. At the designated pick up time, retrieve the Owl box underneath Abe on the back table in IT. Make sure that the box contains the Owl device, power adapter, and USB connecting cable.
  4. Retrieve the Café Projector remote, HDMI cable, and floor cable covers from the open closet to the left of the double doors.
  5. Use a pry tool to open the floor outlet cover in front of the projector. Connect the HDMI cable from the closet with the HDMI cable that leads out of the floor port. Channel the cable through the floor cable covers to the nearest high table on the south side of the room.
    1. Owl
  6. Place the Owl on the table in the desired position so that you have a line of sight to the speaker as well as the audience. Connect the HDMI from the floor port to the laptop, and the USB from the Owl to the laptop. Connect your laptop and the Owl device to the power strip on the back side of the table. Arrange the cables as needed so that they are out of sight.
    1. Owl
  7. Roll down the screen using the switch on the right side of the room as you’re walking into the café.
    1. Owl
  8. Turn on the projector using the remote. You will know it’s turning on when you see the flashing light.
    1. Owl
  9. Make sure that you have the Owl selected as the audio and video device. See this article for further detail.
    • If you plan to use Powerpoint, ensure that you have extended display set up in settings. Go to Start > Settings > System > Display. Make sure you have Extend these displays selected in the Multiple displays dropdown.
    • Drag your slide deck over to the screen that you plan to present on. Expand to full screen.
    • In Powerpoint, navigate to the Slide Show tab. Make sure that you have the box for Use Presenter View checked, and Epson 2 selected in the Monitor dropdown.
  10. In Zoom, the host has screen sharing privileges by default. It is best that the host sign in on their account on the computer being used for the presentation.
    • Screen share in Zoom and make sure to select the correct display that is showing the slide deck.
    • Remote viewers will automatically be added on the side of the screen.
  11. When finished, return the room setup back to how it was before your meeting. Put the equipment from the closet back in its place.
  12. Lastly, return the Owl and its cables back to the same location in IT. Please wind up the USB cable for the Owl so that it’s not tangled, and carefully tuck it alongside the Owl in the box. Then wind up the cable for the power adapter and place it on top of the box.
    1. OwlOwl
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