Add Pronouns to Teams and Office Account


Follow these steps if you would like to add pronouns to your Microsoft Teams and Office account. Images are from Microsoft.

  1. In Teams, select your profile icon in the upper right > your name > + Pronouns
      1. teams pronouns1.png
      2. teams pronouns2.png
    1. Choose from the examples or use your own
      1. teams pronouns3.png
      2. You cannot use God as a pronoun and there may be other restrictions
    2. Select Save > Got it
    3. Your pronouns should be reflected in your profile card for Outlook and Teams
      1. You may need to close and reopen Teams to see this change to your profile card, or wait a few hours for your account to sync
      2. Others may have to go through this process to see the changes
    4. Contact the Help Center ( if you have any questions
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