How to search for an existing constituent


Follow the instructions below to perform a Constituent Search to search for and open a variety of constituent record types.

1. Log in to ABE CRM at

2. Click Constituents in the navigation bar.

2. Click Constituent Search.

  • Alternatively, hover over Constituents and select Constituent Search.


3. Enter the constituent name or other known information in the data fields.


4. Click Show Advanced Search to display and select advanced options.


5. Click Search to begin the search.

  • Click Clear to remove all criteria and begin a new search.
  • Click Settings to modify the search and output fields in the search window.

6. Click the constituent name in the Results grid to open the constituent's record.


Search Tips

You can enter the entire name or only the beginning letters.

Standard fields: last name, first name, look-up ID, address email, phone number

Search functions:

  • use a question mark or underscores to replace a single character (e.g., Ba_ack O$ama)
  • use an asterisk or percent sign to replace multiple characters (e.g., Bar* O%ma) 

Advanced search options:

  • Any ID# (including alternate)
  • Fuzzy name search
  • Include aliases and nickname
  • Include deceased
  • Include inactive
  • Include merged constituents

The first 100 records meeting your criteria display in the grid

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