How to complete a check request


Use the Advancement Resources website to create a printable check request. Note that only one check or ACH transfer will be generated for each check request.

1. Log in to the site using your username and password.

2. Use the menus to select Fund ManagementCheck/ACH Requests.

3. Complete the Requester Info page and click Next.

4. Specify the expenditure and payee information as requested. When all required fields have been completed, click Next.

5. Specify the funds from which money is to be withdrawn.

  • Use a new line for each fund/project.
  • If you are unsure of the fund number, click the magnifying glass icon to search for and select a fund.

6. Enter the amount requested for each fund listed.

  • If this is a Board of Regents Transfer, enter the corresponding UW233/Project Number.
  • Special instructions may also be added by clicking the "+" icon at the end of each fund's line. When all funds have been entered, click Next.

7. Verify the information displayed on the View/Print page is correct, and use the Previous button to make changes as needed. Click Finalize & Print to complete the form. 

This generates a PDF of the Check/ACH Request form in a new window. Print the PDF and follow your normal business processes for completing a Check/ACH request.

Note: you cannot edit a check request after clicking Finalize & Print

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