Financial Edge: Journal Code Types

Table Name  Short Description 
AJ  Adjusting Journal 
AP  Accounts Payable 
BA Blackbaud Enterprises CRM Adjustments
BB  Beginning Balances 
BC  Blackbaud Enterprises CRM 
BE  Historical Entry 
BP  Historical Adjustment 
CC  Historical Entries 
CE  Closing Entries 
CR  Contribution Receipts 
CT  Combined Trust 
EM  Endowment Manager 
FA Fixed Assets
GJ  General Journal 
GP  Great People 
HA  Historical Accounts Payable 
IN  Interest Income 
IV  Change in Investments 
PJ  Payroll Journal 
PK  AP Check 
PO  Voided Check 
PR  Historical Payroll Entry 
PT  ACH Transfer
PV  AP Voucher 
RE  Cash Receipts 
SC  Historical Special Deposit 
SD  Special Deposits 
TR Transfer


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