MOAs and FOAs visibility to campus partners


MOAs and FOAs posted to OnBase since ABE went live in September 2014 are visible to campus partners who have the security to view OnBase for documents related to their funds. However, MOAs, FOAs and any legal documents related to a fund that were posted to OnBase prior to September 2014 were converted as confidential.

Campus users, regardless of their fund security, do not have access to confidential documents in OnBase.

These documents are manually being reviewed and changed to "non-confidential" as appropriate. Unfortunately, this slow work as each record must be reviewed. So, it is possible that campus users of fund management may not be able to see converted MOAs and FOAs, since not all those documents have been reviewed.

The current best way to manage the need for confidential MOAs going forward is to submit both versions of the MOA to the Records Management team, with a note explaining that one must remain confidential and the other “anonymized” version can be non-confidential (visible to campus). They have two different ways to index these so that WFAA can see both, but campus users with the fund role will only see the non-confidential one.

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