How to make a Donor Stewardship report


1. Log in on the

2. Navigate to Fund Reporting > Fund List/Information.


3. Select the funds for which you wish to run a report.

4. Select the Donor Stewardship button and click Submit.

Note: your popup blocker must be disabled in order to run the report. If clicking submit does not open a new window, please disable your popup blocker and run again.

4. Your report options will open in a new window or tab. Select as many options as you'd like, ensuring a date range of no more than 365 days. Click Create Report.


5. Scroll down the page to view your report. 

6. You can also click Export All Details To Excel to download a copy of the report.

How to understand the Excel fields:

  1. Revenue Transaction ID is specific to the hard credit transaction in ABE. You will see the same Revenue Transaction ID when there is more than one Recognition Credit associated with a gift, i.e. Donor Directed and Soft. They are grouped together on the report to help you identify a single gift with multiple recognition credit types.
  2. Recognition Credit Type will show the details of the recognition the constituent received for the donation. See Report Glossary for more details on the definition of Recognition Credits.
  3. Transaction Date is the date the gift was received by US Bank or the UW Foundation for processing.
  4. Date Entered is the date the gift was processed in ABE.
  5. Tribute applies to donations made in honor of, in memory of, in celebration of, in support of or pet memorial for an individual or pet.
  6. The Matching Gift field will show yes when a company has made a gift to match a gift made by a constituent. The individual who initiated the matching gift receives soft credit.
  7. First Gift to the Fund is on a fund by fund basis.
  8. First Gift Overall is for any fund held at the University of Wisconsin Foundation. Eg. Mr. Smith makes their first donation to the College of Letters and Science Annual Fund in August, they will appear on the report with “Yes” under “First Gift to Fund” and “First Gift Overall”. If his next gift is to the Department of English Annual Fund, “First Gift to Fund” would be “Yes” and “First Gift Overall” would be “No”.
  9. Appeal is used to signify the solicitation or ask linked to the donation. i.e. Share the Wonderful or Year End Mailing, etc.
  10. Payment Channel is how the gift was received, i.e. Telefund, Online, eHealth, etc.
  11. Pledge Type will appear when the gift is associated with a pledge recorded in ABE. Examples include Fixed Term Pledge, Automatic Deduction, Payroll Deduction and Telefund Pledge.
  12. Additional Information will display any notes from gifts posted in the old system, Strategy.
  13. Degree Year, School/College, Degree Major and Degree Type is based on the constituent’s Primary Degree in ABE. If someone has a primary degree that has a double major or crosses colleges, the information will be listed in the “UW Degrees” field.
  14. UW Degrees will lists all degree types and majors held by the constituent, including the primary degree listed in the previous fields. Spouse degree information is listed the same way.
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