How to interpret an Outstanding Pledge Balance report


Report Summary

Note: Only the funds with outstanding pledges will appear in the summary, detail and Excel file. 

Field Name
Fund Number Nine digit number associated with the fund the gift was made to 112123455    
Fund Name Full name of the fund associated with the fund number Department of Mathematics Annual Fund    
Unit Full name of the Unit the fund is held in Letters and Science    
Department Full name of the Department the fund is held in Mathematics    
Division Indicates if a Development Director is linked to the Fund, Department or Unit School Jane Doe The information is pulled in from Report Code 1 on the Purpose of a fund  
Total Pledge Amount The sum of all pledges' original amount to the fund. $250,000.00 This is based on the original pledge amount for all pledges with a balance remaining. Any pledges that have been paid in full would not be included in this value. i.e. Two pledges were made for $125,000 each to a fund and each has a balance of $60,000, the Total Pledge Amount is $250,000.  
Total Pledge Balance The sum of all remaining balances on pledges to the fund. $120,000.00 This is based on the remaining balance on all pledges on the fund. From the example above, this value would be $120,000.  

Report Details & Excel File:

Field Name
Fund Fund number and fund name. 112039090 - Agricultural and Applied Economics Fund    


Abreviation of the Unit the fund is held in. ALS    
Department Full name of the Unit the fund is held in. Agricultural and Applied Economics    
Constituent ID Unique identifier for an individual or organization in ABE CRM. 8-10790572    
Constituent Full name of the constituent. Joe, J. John    
Transaction date The date the MOU or other documentation was signed by the donor 12/01/2009    
Date entered The date the new pledge was entered into ABE. 12/01/2009    
Pledge Type Indicates it's a pledge. Pledge Recurring Gifts and Matching Gifts are excluded from the report. *This field could be removed.  
Pledge Sub Type Indicates the type of pledge the constituent made. Payroll Deduction, Fixed Term Pledge, Telefund Pledge, Automatic Deduction    
Pledge Amount The original amount pledged by the constituent. $50,000.00    
Unpaid Balance The original amount minus all payments made on the pledge. $20,000.00    
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