How to filter funds for a fund report


It's helpful to filter funds to find the specific ones you're looking for. This is also necessary if you're searching for funds in various departments or units.

1. Navigate to Fund Reporting > Fund List/Information

2. The page lists the funds for all departments and units assigned to your profile.

3. To filter your results for this unit, click Filter Fund List.

4. In the window that opens, you can filter your results by searching for a specific fund number or name. You can also select a specific unit, department, use, class, or division. The Fund Number and Fund name searches will search across all units and departments; similarly, you can narrow your search to several discrete units or departments.

Tip: hold Ctrl+click for these selections to select more than one unit, department, etc.

After making your selections, click Apply Filter.

5. After filtering your fund list, use the check boxes next to the fund name to select it. You can see how many funds you've selected beneath the list of funds.

Note: you can select up to 2,000 total funds on which to run a report.

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