What do the ticket statuses mean?


New and Open

When you submit a ticket to the Help Center, it's received by our agents as a New or Open ticket. While the ticket is open, the agent is actively working on it and will provide you regular updates until it's resolved.

Awaiting Your Reply

Tickets that are Awaiting Your Reply may require a response from you in order to proceed. You'll receive reminder emails every two business days (at minimum) while the ticket is in this state. After you respond, the ticket moves back to an Open status.


After a ticket has been Solved, you'll receive a confirmation email with the opportunity to provide feedback using links. 

If you determine the issue hasn't actually been solved or if you have a question, please respond to the email to re-open the ticket.


After being solved for four days, the ticket becomes Closed. Responses to closed tickets create follow-up tickets, rather than re-opening the original request.

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