Financial Edge: "Production Environment" and "WAA Fundware History 2006_2014" Database Selection Screen


After your Financial Edge (FE) client is updated with IT on 3/7/2016, each time you launch the production FE Client after it has been closed via “Exit and Sign Out”, you will now receive a new database selection screen.  If you closed FE via "Exit" without sign out, you will not see the database selection screen and you will auto launch into the previous database you had open.  Because "Exit" without sign out leaves an active session in the background, it is recommended to use “Exit and Sign Out” to close FE.

  • Select "Production Environment" for your normal work in FE.
  • Select "WAA Fundware History 2006_2014" if you have the 'view only' permissions to look up historical data from WAA's Fundware system. Nobody will have edit or delete permissions in this database because it is for reference only.  Only a few people in finance will have 'view only' access.

If you accidentally select the "WAA Fundware History 2006_2014" database and you do not have permissions to view that data, you will receive a "The system administrator has not given you security rights to access The Financial system." error message.  To go to the "Production Environment" instead, click "OK" on the error message, start FE again, and select the "Production Environment" choice.

This change will also add similar choices to your Action Bar in FE.

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