How to make a Fund Activity report


1. Visit and log in.

2. Navigate to the Fund Reporting Fund List/Information.

3. Select the fund or funds for which you'd like information.

4. Select the Fund Activity button in the "Select Your Report" box, and click Submit.

Note: if your report does not open, check whether your browser is blocking popups and disable popups for

4. A new window will open. Enter the report begin date and end date, and click Create Report.

The Fund Activity report will display at the bottom of the page. The report can be sorted by fund number, fund name, unit, department or division. Click the column heading to sort.

5. Click Export All to Excel to open the complete report in an Excel file for analysis or printing.

6. You may also export fund activity for a single fund to Excel by clicking the Details button for the fund, then selecting an account category and clicking Export Fund Details to Excel.

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