How to interpret a Campaign Match Supplement report


Why do we need a Match Supplement Report?

When a donor makes a pledge that will be matched by a donor challenge, we “encumber” or reserve the corresponding amount of the donor challenge commitment for the appropriate fund. However, the matching money itself is not transferred immediately into the funds. While it is encumbered, it does not display in the unit or department campaign report for which it is designated. This supplement gives units and departments a way to anticipate the match dollars that will ultimately be allocated to them.

How does the match process work?

On a monthly basis, we pull a list of match-qualifying payments received (including pledge payments and outright gifts) and then move the associated match money into the appropriate funds. Schedule of allocations depends on payment schedule established by the matching donor. Match-qualifying gifts will be reviewed on a monthly basis, and disbursements will be made if the matching donor has made a payment.

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