What is a Communication Planner report?


The Communication Planner Report is a tool for WFAA staff to build lists for the purposes of planning events or estimating counts for a specific communication. The report includes contact information, so it may be used to produce lists for mailings, emails or phone calls.

If you choose to use this list to communicate to a group of constituents, you must also submit the final list used via the List & Report Request Form. This will allow BI to tag the constituent records to show they received the communication. Please make sure to complete this step, as it helps us understand which communications a constituent received and more generally how frequently we communicate with our constituents. This helps us continue to refine our marketing and communications strategy.

If you use this to create a solicitation mailing, please work with BI in advance in order to create an appeal.  This will streamline gift processing and allow you to track the results of your appeal.

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