How to interpret a Communication Planner report



What is included in the report fields?

Donor Alum

Indicates whether the main constituent was included because they are a donor, alumnus, or both.

If you want to restrict your output to just the alumni for the unit/department selected, filter on this column to include only “Alum” and “Both” or by re-running the report and selecting “Alumni only” from the parameter options.

Address, Phone and Email

Outputs the primary for each type of contact information. The address is the in-season address (if someone has a seasonal address). If the address is mail-restricted, the city/state/zip will still output so that you can manage email and phone communications by location as appropriate.

Full International Address

When selecting the International option, the report now returns the full international address block in this field

Mail Indicator, Phone Indicator, Email Indicator

Displays if this type of contact information is unavailable, due to solicit code restrictions, missing data, bounced email, etc.

Household Giving Totals

WFAA standard definition for Household Giving. This calculation is based on recognition credit and includes gifts, pledges, deferred gifts, and informational gifts. It includes gifts that may have come from companies, foundations, and donor-advised funds that are soft credited to an individual in the household. “Household” is defined by the current spousal relationship.

Household GCR (Gift Capacity Rating)

Estimates a prospect’s ability to gift of a certain size, payable over a 5 year time frame. See Capacity overview for more detail.

MG (Major Giving) Likelihood Score

The predictive model score that indicates a prospect’s likelihood to make a major gift. See Likelihood overview for more detail.


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