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When to use the Prospect Activity report

The Prospect Activity report is a tool for pulling interactions. The report output can be based on the unit/department of an interaction, an interaction owner, or all interactions for prospects associated with a particular Fundraiser/fundraiser role, as well as limited by date and a variety of other parameters.

This report has a variety of potential applications: Managers could pull all interactions for their team, or development officers could pull all past/future interactions with all managed prospects. Development staff can also use this report to gain insight on whether or not colleagues are contacting the same prospect.

The report can be exported into Excel for easy sorting and filtering, and can be viewed in ABE CRM or as a PDF.


What is included in the Prospect Activity report

The Prospect Activity report outputs completed and future interactions, including but not limited to the following fields:

Lookup ID

The unique ID used in the ABE CRM system. Report includes a hotlink that will redirect you to the constituent record in ABE CRM. Login to ABE CRM is required.

Athletic Patron ID

The Paciolan ID, for use by the Athletics Office.

Interaction Participant

The constituents listed as Participants on the Interaction or Contact Report, often a spouse or corporate contact

Constituent Degree(s)

Returns earned constituent degree(s)

Interaction Objective/Comments

Hyperlinked text from the Summary field of the Interaction or the Objective field of the Contact Report. You can access the full details of the interaction or contact report by clicking the link.

Interaction Owner

The WFAA or campus staff who is listed as the Owner of the Interaction or Contact Report

Additional Solicitor

The WFAA or campus staff who participated in the interaction. Currently, if there are multiple Interaction Participants or multiple Additional Solicitors, the report will return a separate row for each addition person listed. There is a future enhancement slated for this report that will return one row per interaction.

Interaction Expected Date

The intended date of the future interaction

Interaction Actual Date

The date the interaction actually occurred

Interaction Status

The status of the interaction or contact report – e.g. “Planned”, “Pending”, “Cancelled”, or “Completed”

Interaction Site

The ABE Site that is listed on the Interaction, or on the plan within which the Contact Report was recorded

Interaction Contact Method

The type of contact, such as email, phone call, personal visit, letter

Step Stage

If the result is associated with a prospect plan, this is the development stage that was listed on the plan step/contact report. If the result is an interaction, this field will list “n/a”

Plan Name

If the result is associated with a prospect plan, this is the name of that prospect plan. If the result is an interaction, this field will list “n/a”

Plan Group

While uncommon, the plan group feature allows DoDs to view plans with specific attributes associated with a WFAA initiative – i.e.: “Legacy Project” or “LET A-Rated Project.” Selecting All Plans allows you to see all activity on plans with the attributes you select.

Interaction Category/Sub Category

The category and subcategory associated with the interaction.


How to generate the Prospect Activity report

  1. Log in to ABE CRM
  2. On the navigation bar, click WFAA Reports
  3. Click the DEV – Prospect – Prospect Activity report
  4. If necessary, select the applicable Plan Group – To see all plans, select “All Plans” (most plans do not have a Plan Group associated with them)
  5. Select Interaction Owner
  6. Select Interaction Status (Select completed if you only want to see interactions that took place in the past; choose pending or planned for future interactions.)
  7. Select Constituent Type
  8. Select Interaction Category
  9. Select Interaction Subcategory
  10. Select Plan Type
  11. Select Unit
  12. Select Department (this field only populates if a Department exists for the selected Unit )
  13. Select Fundraiser (Limits results to interactions/contact reports for prospects for which the selected Fundraiser has a Role on a plan, even if the Fundraiser is not the Interaction owner.
  14. Select Fundraiser Role (select Any to see Interactions/Contact Reports for prospects where the selected Fundraiser plays any role on a plan.)
  15. Select Contact Reports (select Contact Reports Only to limit results to plan activity; however, you may wish to select All to see activity documented both by WFAA development staff and campus partners, the latter who may be filing only Interactions.
  16. Select Date Type (use Entered on Date to ensure all interactions are captured, including those that have been backdated—i.e. the date the interaction was entered is later than the date of the interaction itself)
  17. Select Date From (results are tied to the Actual Date when Contacted Date is selected for Date Type, but tie back to the date the interaction was actually entered when Date Type of Entered on Date is selected instead; for Pending/Planned interactions, results are based on the Expected Date when Contacted Date is selected as the Date Type)
  18. Select Date To (see “Date From”)
  19. Select Region
  20. Select Excel Ready Formatting
  21. Click View Report

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