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What is an Affiliation Member Information report?

This report produces a list constituents based upon various ABE sources, including attributes/affinity lists, educational involvements, etc.  This report provides users with the means to:

  • Review members and make (or submit) any needed updates in ABE CRM
  • Select and refine a list of constituents
  • Produce lists for mailings, emails or phone calls

If you choose to use this list to communicate to a group of constituents, you must also submit the final list used via the List & Report Request Form. This will allow BI to tag the constituent records to show they received the communication. Please make sure to complete this step, as it helps us understand which communications a constituent received and more generally how frequently we communicate with our constituents. This helps us continue to refine our marketing and communications strategy.

How to access the Affiliation Member Information report

This report allows you to select constituents from a specified affiliation that is tracked in ABE CRM.  It also allows you to select Alumni-only for a particular unit or department. Once the list is exported, you can refine the list by region, county, city, state, etc.

  1. Log in to ABE CRM.
  2. On the navigation bar, click WFAA Reports.
  3. Under category of Constituent, click on CST- Affiliation Member Information Report.
  4. Select parameters.
  5. Click View Report.


Affiliation Category

Choose a single affiliation category. Examples include: Educational Involvement-Academic Program; or Involvement Attribute-Affinity List

Affiliation Names

Choose the appropriate value from a list of affiliation names provided based on the category previously selected. Affiliation name will always begin with three letter UNIT code, followed by name.


Specify either “All,” which will includes past and current members, or “Current,” which limits the resulting set to members that are currently associated with the selected affiliation name.

Include deceased?

Defaults to “No.” If “Yes” is selected, the report output will include deceased members with an additional column of for “deceased flag” that indicates if a member is deceased.

Who is this communication from?

Applies appropriate solicit codes based on the “brand” on the communication. Members with solicit codes in place will be returned, but contact information will be suppressed.

Intent of Communication

Applies additional solicit codes based on special types of communications. Members with solicit codes in place will be returned, but contact information will be suppressed.

Additional Solicit Code

Provides additional solicit codes to select if applicable. Members with solicit codes in place will be returned, but contact information will be suppressed.

Spouse Link

Choose to include spouse if desired. Output will include spouses together in a single row.

Excel-Ready Formatting

Specify if the resulting output should be formatted for Excel. If “yes” is specified, the report headings are removed so that sorting and filtering in Excel is made easier. If “no” is specified, the report headings are retained.


How to interpret an Affiliation Member Information report

What is included in the report fields?

Affiliation Type

Outputs the type of ABE CRM affiliation used to track this population.

Affiliation Level

Some affiliations, such as Boards or Advisory Councils, have roles that may include Member, Treasurer, or President. If a value exists, the role is displayed. If no value exists, this field may be left blank or read "unknown."


Any additional notes that were included with the affiliation record.

Address, Phone and email

Outputs the primary for each type of contact information. Output accounts for seasonal addresses if one exists.

Full International Address

When selecting the International option, the report now returns the full international address block in this field

Mail Indicator, Phone Indicator, Email Indicator

Displays if this type of contact information is unavailable, due to solicit code restrictions, missing data, bounced email, etc.

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