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We recommend that you use Box to share files securely. You may email the link to the person that you are trying to reach or invite them as a collaborator. This should be secure, limit the information to two people, and it uses https (encrypted web) for accessing the file.

  1. Right click the file that you are trying to share in File Explorer. Then select Share > Email shared link
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We recommend using Box to share files securely but there are other options available.

  1. Another option is to encrypt the PDF itself with Adobe Acrobat Pro (Adobe Reader does not have this option). The file can be shared and password protected. The password should be shared through email – using a link generated by OneTimeSecret.com. Select Protect a PDF from the left side menu to see the options.
    1. Screenshot 2024-04-04 084115.pngScreenshot 2024-04-04 084315.png
  2. Outlook offers four options for encrypting emails, though it does not encrypt the entire email chain. The user on the receiving end of an encrypted email needs to encrypt the email that they are sending back to ensure security. Go to Options > Encrypt to see the options for encryption.
    1. Encrypt-Only
    2. Do Not Forward
    3. University of Wisconsin Foundation - Confidential (WFAA only)
    4. University of Wisconsin Foundation - Confidential View Only (WFAA only
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  3. Google requires a paid plan to encrypt files.
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