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Why can't I save or create a file in Box?
Some folders provide restricted permissions. You cannot save to your All Views folder. Shared folders may have restricted permissions.

For your work, create files and folders in your personal folder (uwf-yourLogin).

How much storage do I have?
Your WFAA Box account provides unlimited online storage. There is a file size limit of 5GB.

How does Box handle trashed (deleted) files?
When you delete a file from Box, it is placed in the Box Trash folder. This is the case when you delete from the browser view or your PC's view - deleted Box files are never placed in your PC's Recycle Bin.

The file will remain in the Box Trash folder for 90 days, and can be Restored.

Should I migrate my existing files to Box?

Yes! But it's best to tackle this task in steps. When you move files on your PC, the application that synchronizes with the cloud (Box Drive) will need to finish uploading before you log off of your computer. If you do not wait, you will lose those files as they are only cached locally!

What types of data can I store in my WFAA Box?
You should only use your WFAA Box for official business. Personal files should not be stored.

Box uses data encryption during transit to and from the Box cloud, as well as while stored within the cloud. However, you should not include files that contain sensitive information like PHI (personal health information), passwords, Social Security numbers, or credit card information.

Certain file types are 'ignored' by Box, meaning they will not be uploaded (synchronized) to the cloud. Some examples are .bak, .lnk, .tmp, .gdoc, .gsheet. (For detailed information, go here.)

When will my personal (Y:) drive be migrated to Box?
When will departmental (V:) drives be migrated to Box?
The scheduled migration dates are yet to be determined.

Will FAALI be migrated to Box?
No. A FAALI to Box migration is not in the project scope.

Should I move my Y: drive files to my Box folder?
No. This is something the IT Team will do for you.

Why would I share a file with someone in Box rather than just sending it to them via email?
There are a few reasons to share a Box file with someone rather than sending it to them via email. First, email attachments use up your email storage space. Box allows you to share files with a simple link that anyone can access, even if they aren't at WFAA, or don't use Box.

Second, Box provides a better way to collaborate on documents. If the person receiving your document via email plans to comment on it or edit it, that means another reply email with yet another attachment. With Box, your collaborator can upload the edited file right to Box (or even edit it right within Box). He or she can add comments right alongside the file in a neatly organized, threaded discussion. You don't have to keep track of multiple email messages.

With Box, you can easily go back and view previous versions of the document you have been working on. That is much easier than keeping track of different versions sent as email attachments.

Can I share files with people outside of WFAA?
Yes. You can send links to files stored on Box to anyone's email address. This could be a WFAA email address or an external email address.

Can I create a custom link to a file or folder that I've already shared? What will happen when others click on the 'old' (Box-generated) link?
You may create a custom URL even if you've already shared and distributed a Box-generated shared link. The old link will continue to work.

When the user is shown the file or folder, the new custom link will appear in their browser's address bar.

Using Box from my browser, why do I only have access to the Online versions of Word/Excel/PowerPoint?
It may be because you are using Microsoft Edge. This browser only supports the online editing capability. (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox do not have this restriction.)

If you are not using Microsoft Edge, contact the Help Center to request assistance.

How does versioning work when I'm simultaneously editing an Office document with another collaborator?
Each time a collaborator exits, the current content of the document is saved as a new version.

Does Box keep track of the edits of individuals?
No. Track changes is not available in Box Online applications.


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