Box for iPhone and iPad - Installation and Use


Box for iPhone and iPad

Box is available for iPhones and iPads, allowing you to access your files and folders from these handheld devices.

Installing Box on Your iPhone or iPad

  1. Install Box from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application.
    1. Box for ios3.PNG
  2. When your installation completes and you open the app, you will be prompted to sign in or create an account. Log in to with your email address.
    1. Box for ios1.PNG
  3. You will then need to confirm your account through the WFAA sign in page. Use your username and password on this screen.
    1. Box for ios4.PNG
  4. After you have successfully logged in, you will be asked if you would like to enable notifications. Doing so will notify you when you are mentioned in a comment or added as a collaborator. You may Enable Notifications or Dismiss.
    1. Box for ios5.PNG
  5. After this second entry of your credentials, you will be fully signed into the Box mobile app.
    1. Box for ios2.PNG
  6. Click your name icon in the upper left to configure Box settings or log out.

Using Box on your iPhone or iPad

  1. When you begin with Box on your mobile device, it’s worthwhile to view the short tour provided by the app. The tour can save you time as you use this new interface.
  2. Some common actions are:
    1. Use the dotdotmenu.JPG menu to access file management options
    2. Drag a file to the left to bring up the sharing/collaboration options
    3. Drag a file to the right to bring up the offline option, allowing you to store your file for viewing even if you do not have an Internet or WiFi connection
  3. You can use your mobile device to edit files, like Microsoft Word documents. You will need to download the appropriate app.
  4. For more information about using Box on your mobile devices, visit these web pages:
    1. Manage Your Content with Box
    2. Saving Files for Offline Access in Box
    3. Sharing Files and Folders From Box
    4. Collaborate Using Box
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