Installing Adobe Acrobat DC (Pro) Using Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. Open the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app on your device
  2. Install Adobe Creative Cloud from the list of apps
  3. Log into the app using your Adobe ID, which is the same as your WFAA login
  4. Select Apps from the Adobe Creative Cloud menu
    1. adobe acrobat install creative cloud2.png
  5. Scroll down to Acrobat and click Install
  6. Once installed, Acrobat will change to Open
    1. adobe acrobat install creative cloud1.png
  7. To set Adobe Pro as your default PDF app, search your device for Default apps and open it
    1. Screenshot (46).png
  8. In Default Apps, select Choose Default Apps by the File Type
  9. Scroll down to .pdf and select Adobe Acrobat
    1. acrobat pro creative cloud.png
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