Fund Activity Report - Complete Reference


When to Use the Fund Activity Report

The Fund Activity report shows transaction details in an asset account. This includes the following:

  • Spendable Cash
  • Spendable Endowment Income
  • Cash to be Endowed
  • Endowment Book Value
  • Cumulative Fund Value Adjustment
  • Other asset accounts, if applicable (e.g. stocks held, pledges receivable)

The report may be requested for any date from 1992-present.

How To Generate a Fund Activity Report

There are two versions of the Fund Activity Report – formatted and unformatted.

The formatted report organizes fund activity by account category (e.g. Spendable Cash, Spendable Endowment Income). Each category includes a beginning balance, a list of activity, and an ending balance.

The unformatted report does not summarize account categories. It does provide additional information (see the table below).

To create a report:

  1. Log into
  2. Navigate to the Fund Reporting > Fund List/Information page.
  3. Select the fund or funds for which you'd like information.
  4. In the “Select Your Report” box, choose Fund Activity or Fund Activity (Unformatted) and click Submit.

A new window will open. Enter the report Begin Date and End Date, then click the Create Report button.

Note: if your report does not open, check whether your browser is blocking popups and disable popup blocking for

If your reporting dates are over a year in length, the report will be emailed to you. Otherwise, your selected funds display in a table at the bottom of the page.

Click Export All to Excel to save the report for analysis or printing. All selected funds will be included in the report.

Viewing the Report

If your report timeframe is less than a year in length, you can click the Details link next to a fund at the bottom of the page. This action presents an Account Category field for you to select different types of accounting information to display in your browser. You are also presented with an Export Fund Details to Excel button that generates a file of all accounting information for the specific fund.

What is included in the Fund Activity Report




Fund Number

Unique numeric identifier for the fund.


Fund Name

Full name of the fund.


Sort Name

Name used to more easily order funds. Often based on donor’s last name.



The School or College associated with the fund.

Appears only in the unformatted report.


The department within the Unit.

Appears only in the unformatted report.

Fund Class

Indicates whether the fund is an endowment or callable fund.

Appears only in the unformatted report.

Use Description

Identifies what the fund can be used for or how the money can be spent.

Descriptions of Use codes is found here.

Appears only in the unformatted report.

External Reporting Category

A custom reporting code that allows campus units to view and analyze the report in a way that is more conducive to their business processes.

Appears only in the unformatted report.

Account Number

Code used by finance to identify accounts within the fund.


Account Code Description

The name of the account within the fund.


Journal Type

A code that describes the type of transaction.

A list of Journal Codes is found here.


Pmt# for HA/AP

The check number for e-reimbursement, Board of Regent checks, or checks to outside vendors.


Transaction Description

A description of what is being paid or reimbursed.


Payee Name

Who or what is being paid or reimbursed.


Invoice Description for AP

A description of what is being paid or reimbursed.


Transaction Date

The date the transaction posted to the accounting system.


Transaction Amount

The amount of the transaction.



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