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Duo Trusted Access

Data Security is more important than ever. When you connect to networks outside of WFAA offices, security can be more challenging. To make our data more secure, the WFAA is implementing a software product called Duo Mobile. Duo employs a two‑factor authentication model when connecting to WFAA via VPN. It may sound difficult or involved, but the Duo solution is actually painless and easy!

How It Works

Two‑factor authentication requires you to confirm your identity twice. One confirmation method is something you already do: supply your username and password. The other method is responding to a message on a registered device, like your smart phone, tablet, or land line.

For example, if you are working offsite and wish to connect to the WFAA network, you launch VPN and supply your username and password. At this point, Duo will send a notification to your mobile device (or call your land line) asking for your approval. After you click a button to approve, you’re in!

Setting Up Your Duo Account

You must register the device which will provide the second method of authentication.

Land Line

If you wish to use a land line phone for authentication, proceed to the Register Your Device section below.

Smartphones and Tablets

If your registration device will be a smart phone or tablet, you'll need the Duo Mobile app. Here’s how the app appears in the iPhone App Store:


(Do not confuse the Cisco Duo Mobile app with the Duo Voice or Google Meet apps.

Get and install this application.

Check your mobile device settings, which need to allow notifications. On an iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > Notifications
  • Select the Duo Mobile application
  • If necessary, tap the button to the right of Allow Notifications until it shows a green background:


When your Duo Mobile app is installed and notifications are enabled, proceed to the next section.

Register Your Device

With your registered device at hand, open the Duo Enrollment link in the Duo application. The activation link will come in the form of text or email. Contact IT if you did not receive this message or need register a new device.

If you are using a mobile device, you’ll be shown this page:

Duo Enrollment1.PNG

Click the Open button. You’ll be presented with this:

Duo Enrollment2.PNG

Click done. Go through the setup instructions. Make sure to turn on Push Notifications.

Using Duo

With two‑factor authentication in place, you must have your registered device at hand when you use VPN to connect remotely to the WFAA network.

If your device is a land line, Duo will call from an automated voice system that asks you to approve remote access.

If your device is mobile, you’ll be sent a notification that will look something like this:

Duo Enrollment3.PNG

Click the Approve button to access your application.

Need Assistance?

Contact the WFAA Help Center If you have difficulty with installing the Duo Mobile application, registering your device, or connecting via VPN.

The Help Center can also assist if you wish to add a second authentication device.

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