Communication Details (CST1050)


When to use the Communication Details report

The Communication Details report lists communications collateral that have been issued to a respective constituent.

Use this report when you need to…  

  • View whether a constituent was sent a particular communication.
  • View whether a constituent opened a particular email, or clicked any links within that email
  • View more information about an event to which a constituent was invited
  • See all Stewardship-related correspondence and activity that a constituent has been sent
  • And more!


  • This report shows communications sent to a constituent that occurred previous to “today”.
  • For persons that have access to ABE functionality to “Add general correspondence” or “Add appeal mailing”, these activities will continue to take place via the separate ABE “Communications” sub-tab. That sub-tab shows only a subset of the communication types shown via this ABE “Communication Details” sub-tab.

What is included in the Communication Details report

The Communication Details report includes information about communications sent to a constituent. This may include Acknowledgements, General Correspondence, Event Invitations, Pledge Reminders, Receipts, Stewardship Activity, and more. The listed information reflects activity that has been recorded in ABE, along with emails generated from our marketing platform, Marketing Cloud.

By default, the report shows all communications issued to a constituent. However, parameters are provided that allow the report results to be filtered based upon:

  • Date Range – Select from the following pre-defined date range options: All dates, Previous 7 days, Current Month, Previous Month, Current Year, Previous Year
  • Communication Type – One or more types may be viewed. Options include Appeal, Event Invitation, General Correspondence, Membership Renewal, Stewardship Activity, and more
  • Category – Use this parameter to view either General Correspondence or Stewardship Activity which falls into a particular “category”. For example,
    • General Correspondence that is a “Publication” or a “Solicitation”
    • Either General Correspondence or Stewardship Activity that is related to “Stewardship”
  • Channel – Output may be filtered according to whether the communication was delivered via Mail, Email, Phone, or “No Channel” (i.e. not captured in ABE)

The report output includes the date that a communication was (or in some cases or will be) sent, the name of the communication, related comments about the communication, and channel of delivery. Where applicable, additional information may be listed, such as the following:

  • The Revenue ID and Fund to which to which the communication is related
  • The Appeal Name to which the communication is related
  • The Email address to which the communication was sent, as well as indicators pertaining to the email (Bounced, Opened, Opted Out, Clicked)
  • If ThankView was used for the communication, then the Video View Count will be listed.

Where possible, elements in the output will contain hyperlinks to related information in ABE or ThankView.

How to generate the Communication Details report

  1. Log in to ABE CRM.
  2. Navigate to a particular Constituent record.
  3. Click on the Communications
  4. Within the Communications tab, click on the Communication Details sub-tab.
  5. The report runs automatically with default parameter values.
  6. If desired, modify parameter values and click View Report.


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