Honor Roll (CST1052)


When to Use the Honor Roll Report

The Honor Roll report provides an output of donors and their honor roll name, along with additional fields. The report includes list refinement options like giving type—cash or new commitments—unit/department/fund, time frame, among other parameters.

Use this report when you need to…

  • Create a honor roll or donor wall list
  • Only need look up ID, standard name, honor roll formatted name, and giving total


  • The report includes similar parameters to Communication Planner – Donors to Unit/Dept/Fund, but the similarities end there. This report—which is not intended for communications, only for honor rolls and donor walls—excludes contact information and includes deceased.

What is Included in the Honor Roll Report

The report provides a list of donors who qualify for honor rolls or donor walls. The user can create such a list by choosing a giving time frame and selecting funds based on unit or department or particular fund groups. The Giving Type parameter allows the user to define giving as either cash (i.e. payments – outright gifts, payments on pledges) or new commitments (outright cash gifts, new pledges, planned gift initiations).

Along with standard first name, last name and Lookup ID, the report provides the custom honor roll name format and total giving (a calculation based on the Giving Type parameter choice).

Deceased constituents are included; and a deceased flag field exists to distinguish those.

How to Generate the Honor Roll Report

  1. Log in to ABE CRM.
  2. On the navigation bar, click WFAA Reports.
  3. Click the Honor Roll
  4. Select a value for DonorsTo.
  5. Select a value for Fund Group (if applicable).
  6. Select a value for Donors to Unit
  7. Select a value for Donors to Department
  8. Select a value for Fund
  9. Select a value for Start Date
  10. Select a value for End Date
  11. Select a value for Giving Type
  12. Select a value for Exclude Tribute Gifts
  13. Select a value for Exclude Matching Gifts
  14. Select a value for Spouse Link
  15. Select a value for List this School/College Alum First When Spouse-linked
  16. Select a value for Include Spouse Even If They Do Not Qualify
  17. Select a value for Excel-ready
  18. Click View Report.


The DonorsTo parameter allows the user to include funds based on either Unit/Department/Fund criteria or Fund Group. Note that choosing Fund Group renders Donors to Unit and Donors to Department “Not Applicable”; likewise, choosing Unit/ Department /Fund renders Fund Group “Not Applicable.”

The Giving Type parameter enables the user to define giving in one of two ways: 1) cash (i.e. outright gift payments, payments on pledges); or 2) new commitments (i.e. outright gifts, new pledges, planned gift initiations).


Report Glossary

Report Section




Constituent Lookup ID

A unique ID assigned to the donor.


Last Name

The donor's last name, or the name of an organization. 


First Name



Deceased Flag



Spouse Lookup ID

A unique ID assigned to the donor's spouse.


Spouse Last Name



Spouse First Name



Spouse Deceased Flag



Honor Roll Name

Adam T. Smith and Mary D. Smith

David J. Ricardo


Cash Giving / New Commitment Giving

Total giving for time period, based on either payments or new commitment gift


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