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Campus Call is relatively complex in the number of different web connections it requires to make a single phone call. This makes it especially sensitive to network conditions. Additionally, it will not function without using a VPN, which can affect performance of Campus Call. VPNs use end to end encryption which delivers protection from the point that data is entered into browsers to the moment they arrive at their destination. Sharing the network with others, you may notice that other devices on the network seem to perform better. It is because of the encryption that a VPN uses to provide for security.

Why does this matter to me?

You may notice slow performance when working in Campus Call. There are various considerations that can affect this.

  • Your internet provider.
  • How many people share the same internet connection at your home AND what they are doing (streaming video, email, social media, etc.).
  • Are you connected using a wireless or wired connection?

What can I do before calling into the Help Center?

  1. Restart your computer. Test.
  2. If you are able, try connecting using a wired connection (take a network cable from your cable router and plug it to the laptop dock). Test.
  3. Go to and check connection speed.
    1. Document the indicated speed before using VPN.
    2. Connect to VPN and document the indicated speed.
  4. Contact your Internet provider to see if they are reporting performance issues or outages in your area.

I am still having issues after I have gone through your troubleshooting steps, now what do I do?

  1. Contact the Help Center.
  2. Provide the answers to these questions when submitting the ticket:
    1. Name of your Internet provider.
    2. When you last started your computer.
    3. How many people share your Internet connection and what they are doing.
    4. Tell whether you are using a wireless or wired connection.
    5. What the results are from the tests outlined above.
    6. Campus Call) To help narrow down the issue record the individual you are talking to, the number you called and the approximate time.
  3. The Help Center will be able to check latest drivers and some performance checks to see if they can help, however, IT will not be able to solve any issues related to internet provider performance, home wireless connectivity, etc. most variables are out of our control.
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