How To Use The Phish Alert Plug-In


Using the Phish Alert Add-In

When viewing your emails, you will see the Phish Alert Report button above the body of the message:


If you believe this is a phishing email, click the button to display a simple form asking for your confirmation:


In addition, if you use the Microsoft Outlook app, you can use the new Phish Alert button on your mobile device.


When you click the Phish Alert confirmation button:

  1. A confirmation message is shown.
  2. A Help Desk ticket is created, forwarding your email to the IT Department for evaluation.
  3. The email is moved to your Deleted Items folder.

AND if our IT team decides to run a phishing campaign to test you, you’ll get instant feedback that you passed the test and the email was harmless.

Please continue to use this tool to help the WFAA IT team analyze threats and prevent future exposure.

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