How to See Files Uploaded in Teams


Files uploaded to Teams chats are accessible either through the Teams desktop application, or by logging into Office 365 on the web.

  1. To access the files within Teams, select the Files tab from the side menu. mceclip0.png
  2. From here, you will see some of the recent files you have sent or were sent to you. This Home tab will also tell you the date the files were opened, who owns them, and where the files are stored.
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  3. Hit the 3 dots to the right of the file that you're interested in to see a few quick actions.
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  4. Find your recorded meetings in Teams under My files > OneDrive > Recordings.
  5. You can also find these recordings in the OneDrive web client at
    1. Sign into your account and then select the My files tab.
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  6. To find any files shared within a Teams Team, look in your shared libraries in OneDrive.
  7. Select More places... under Quick access in the side menu.
  8. Select a team and you should see the Shared library.
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  9. Retrieve files from Teams and OneDrive as rarely as possible as syncing is extremely inconsistent and files are low quality.
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