Microsoft 365 Migration - What to Expect With Chats


Chats within Microsoft Teams

There are a few different types of Teams chats when communicating with people internally to WFAA, and externally; individual, group, and Teams chats.

Definition of Chats

  • Individual chats are between you and another person, conducted outside of a Team.
  • Group chats are between you and more than one person, conducted outside of a Team.
  • Teams chats are chats that are conducted within a Team where anyone that is on that Team can communicate within that chat.

Migration Expectations

We anticipate all chat history and saved files in the chats to migrate over. However, after the migration, chats will look ever so slightly different as shown below:



For any external users that you had individual chats with, or you had included in a group chat, you will need to re-create chats that include external users post migration. Instructions will be provided as part of our post migration communication.

For GIFS, reactions, emojis, stickers, and praise options in chats, the migration tool will do its best at retaining everything within the chats, but there is no guarantee that all will migrate.

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