Changing a Zoom Meeting to Teams


Searching Outlook for Zoom Meetings

Use the search feature to find all of your Zoom meetings in Outlook. This search will show you ALL Zoom meetings so you will need to find the ones that you are the meeting organizer.

You can find them by using Location: Zoom as the search term in Outlook.

First, open your calendar in Outlook. 


Once in the Calendar, type in the search bar at the top:


From here you can sort by subject, start or end dates for the meeting to find the one you are searching for.


Changing Zoom Meeting to Teams

Open your Zoom meeting. If you are editing a recurring meeting, make sure to open The entire series before editing.

In the Outlook ribbon, click Cancel under the Zoom section.


This will cancel the Zoom meeting and wipe out the Zoom content in the Location and the body of the meeting request. Make sure that you follow this step and do not just delete the meeting information from the body of the email or else the meeting will not be deleted entirely.

You can now select Teams Meeting in the Outlook ribbon.


Your meeting request will populate with the Teams information.

Click on Send Update once you are done.

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