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ThinkSmart Hub for Microsoft Teams | Meeting Room Device | Lenovo US

ThinkSmart Hubs, located in our conference rooms, enable colleagues to join video meetings quickly and easily.

The devices support Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex.

They can be booked through Outlook or by using the RoomWizard located outside the conference room. More info on how to reserve the room can be found by hitting More > Invite this room on the hub.

When walking into the room, the device will automatically wake up and display on the screen. If the device is powered off, press the power button on the front of the base.

Note: The power button is very small, and you may need a pen or paperclip to press it.


Join a Meeting

Meetings scheduled ahead of time will appear on the ThinkSmart Hub home screen automatically. Join these meetings by selecting the Join button on your meeting.

The camera will automatically turn on and show the room. It will zoom in or out depending on how many people are in view.

The hub comes equipped with a mic and speakers. If anyone in the room also joins the meeting on their laptop, remember to mute audio on the laptop.

Keep in Mind: you cannot join Webex meetings ahead of the meeting organizer, and Webex meetings are set to only show the active speaker's video.


Sharing Your Screen

Project your laptop by plugging in the HDMI cable connected to the console. This will automatically project your laptop screen to the room TV. You may select Stop Presenting mceclip3.png on the room console to stay connected to HDMI and stop sharing your screen. If you wish to start sharing again, hit Present mceclip4.png.

You do not need to join a Teams meeting on your laptop in order to share your screen. Zoom and Webex require you to be joined from your device.

While in a meeting, connecting the HDMI cable to your device will automatically share your screen with meeting participants. In a Teams meeting, you will no longer be able to see the meeting participants’ video while sharing. In Zoom and Webex, you will still be able to see both.

To stop sharing, select the Stop Sharing button. This will stop sharing your screen to the meeting participants, but as long as you are connected by HDMI, your screen will still project to the TV. Disconnect the cable to stop projecting your screen.

If you are on a MacBook, you will be able to share your screen using a HDMI to USB-C adapter. The TV will act as a second monitor, so you will need to drag any windows you want to share with the meeting participants from your MacBook screen to the TV.


Start an Unscheduled Teams Meeting

  1. Select New meeting mceclip1.png on the room console.
  2. Under Type a name, find the people you want to invite.
  3. Select people to add them to the list of invitees.
  4. After all the people you want to invite are on the list, select Invite. Your meeting will begin automatically.
  5. The invitees will receive a call from the room itself. If you are calling from Abe on the third floor, it will display as a call from 1848 3 Abe.

Use Outlook to Reserve a Room for a New Meeting

  1. Open Outlook and go to your calendar.
  2. Select New Meeting. At this point select the plugin appropriate for the type of meeting you’d like to schedule – Teams, Zoom, or Webex.
  3. Select Room Finder in the Scheduling Assistant to bring up a list of rooms available to schedule.
  4. Choose a room from the list of available rooms. Complete the meeting invitation as you would for any other meeting before sending.

Use Outlook to Add a Room to an Existing Meeting

  1. Open the meeting in Outlook and navigate to your calendar. Open the meeting you wish to edit.
  2. Add the room name (it's on the console) under To or find the room using Room Finder in Scheduling Assistant and send the update.
  3. If the meeting is accepted, it will appear on the console.
  4. Select the meeting on the console to join.

Placing a Call

  1. To place a call from one of the ThinkSmart Hubs you will see a Call button. Tapping on the Call button will present you with a familiar dial number pad.
  2. Input the desired 10-digit number and select the Call button to place the call. You do not need to dial “9” for an external line.
  3. You will also note a search bar across the top where you may input a name to select a contact from the address book.
  4. To end a call, tap the “End” button. 
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