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WFAA will be transitioning to the Outlook app for Mail, Calendar, and Contacts.  You will not be able to use the native Calendar or Mail apps for your WFAA account.


Question: Will my phone contacts sync with Outlook?

Adding contacts to your phone will not sync with Outlook on your desktop, but contacts added in desktop Outlook will sync to your mobile device, if you have turned on the feature to save contacts.

To get to this location, navigate to Outlook AppAccount (your picture in the top left corner) > Settings (gear icon) > tap your @suppportuw.org account. Scroll down until you find Save Contacts. Toggle the feature off if you would not like your Outlook contacts to be synced to your phone contacts.

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Question: Will my email signature sync with the Outlook Mobile app?

Changing your email signature in the Outlook mobile app will not sync with Outlook on your desktop, and the same is true for changing your signature in the Outlook desktop app. If you want to change your email signature, you will need to change it in both locations.
To get to your signature, navigate to to Account > Settings > Signature.

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