Installing and Enrolling into WorkSpace One for iOS


Installing the Hub for iOS

  • Open a browser and go to  
  • It will redirect to the app store 
  • Your screen should look similar to:  
  • Click on “get” next to “Intelligent Hub”  
  • Once the application downloads, open it up.  

Enrolling into WorkSpace One

  • Enter your supportuw email address 
  • Click on “Next”  
  • You will get a screen asking for a username and password


  • Put in your username and password you use to sign into your computer 
  • Click on the “next” button 
  • You will get to a screen that says, “We value your privacy”. This explains what we collect and what we don’t.  
  • Click on “Continue”  

Setting up your profile

  • Click on “Download profile”  
  • You will get a pop up


  • Tap on “Allow”  
  • You will receive steps to download the profile


  • A pop up will pop up


  • Tap on “Allow”  
  • Another pop up will occur telling you that the profile downloaded 
  • Tap on "Close" 
  • It will take you back to this screen


  • Tap on “Install profile”  
  • It will have a pop up on how to install your profile


  • Tap on the button “Open the Settings app”  
  • It will take you to settings 
  • Tap on “Profile Downloaded” 


  • Click on "Install" 


  • You will have to enter in your device pin
  • It will then pop up with: 


  • Click “install”  
  • You will then be asked to create a PIN for the hub 
  • Enter in your desired PIN 
  • It will then give a warning screen, click on “Install”  
  • It will pop up asking if you want to trust the remote management, tap on “Trust”  
  • The profile will then install, tap on “done” 



The Hub 


  • Open the Intelligence Hub again 

The first time that you open it will open a notification on privacy.  

  • Click on “I Understand”  
  • It will then ask about Data Sharing, click on “I agree”  

You are now able to use the Intelligent hub.   



You may be prompted with:



Please click on "Manage". This will allow us to update the app it is asking access for. 

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