LastPass - How do I import passwords from KeePass?


If you are using KeePass on a Windows machine and would like to migrate to LastPass.

Before you are going to start transferring your passwords from KeePass to LastPass; you will need to clear out the history in the password. If this is not done, all the history will be added to the note section and can cause duplicate or outdated entries. During this time, it is also suggested to go through each entry and find any that is missing a URL. For those that are missing a URL, put in http://0 as a filler. If there is nothing in the URL field, your username and password will be in the note section. For example: 

To do this please follow these steps: 

  • Open KeePass and unlock the database you wish to transfer over
  • Click on one of the entries
  • Click on the tab named "History" 


  • Click on the previous version. It is suggested if there are multiple to hold down shift and click. 


  • Click on "Delete",  then click on "OK"
  • Then save the database as you normally would. 

Once this is done, you can move on to transferring your database over. 


To transfer KeePass to LastPass, please do the following: 

  • Open KeePass and unlock the KeePass database you wish to transfer over.
  • Click on "File", then click on "Export"


  • Choose the fifth option "KeePass XML (2.x)"


  • Click the disk icon


  • Choose a location and file name for the export


  • Verify that the file is being saved where would like it to go, click "OK" 


  • Log into LastPass in your web browser
  • Click on "More Options", then "Advanced", then "Import" 


  • Click on the down arrow under source, and choose "KeePass"


  • Click on "Choose File" > select your file to be imported
  • Locate your desired file, select "Open"
  • Click on "Upload" 


  • The next screen will show you the names and usernames you will be importing into LastPass. Verify that they look good and are what you want. Then click on either "Import Selected" or "Import All", depending if you are importing a subset of the passwords, or all of the passwords. 


  • When it is complete it will show a pop-up saying it is complete, click on "Go to My Vault"


  • Verify that the passwords were imported properly 
  • Delete the imported file, then permanently delete it from the Recycle Bin

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