LastPass - How do I add and manage password in the app for iOS?


Add new passwords to your vault, or edit existing entries in the LastPass Password Manager app. 

Add a new password

  • Tap Add in the top navigation
  • Tap Password
  • Tap to select a pre-populated service, or tap Add New Password to create your own. 
  • Enter the following information: 
    • Name
    • URL
    • Username
    • Password
  • Select an existing folder or create a new folder for the password
  • Optional: Enable the following options for your new password: 
    • Favorite: This setting adds sites to the favorite folder for quick and easy access
    • Never Autofill: Prevents LastPass from filling the login information automatically
    • Auto Login: Submits the login information automatically for the site
  • Tap Save in the top navigation

Edit an existing password

  • Choose a password, then tap to select it
  • From the menu, you can do the following: 
    • Launch: Launches the site in your mobile web browser
    • Copy Username: Copies your password to your clipboard
    • View: View the following password entry information: Name, Folder, URL, Username, and Password. You cannot edit in this view but can access editing by tapping Edit in the top navigation. 
    • Edit: Edit the password entry including the name, folder, URL, username, password, generate new password, note, favorite, require a re-prompt, never autofill, and autologin. 
    • Show Password: Displays your password. In this view you can copy your password to your clipboard. 
    • Share: Share the password entry with another person by entering their email address. If desired, enable the Show Passwords field so the user can view or change the password. 
    • Manage Share: View the users who have shared access to the password. Revoke access to the password by selecting a user and tapping Unshare. Share the password with more users by tapping Add in the top navigation.
    • Delete: Delete the password entry. Tap Yes to confirm 
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