LastPass - How to Enable and Use AutoFill for LastPass Mobile


Enable Autofill

  • On your iOS device, go to Settings > Passwords > AutoFill Passwords
  • Toggle on the switch to enable the AutoFill Passwords option
  • Tap LastPass to enable
    • Tip: It is also recommended to de-select "Keychain" as leaving it selected will cause Keychain to be prioritized over LastPass when auto-filling and generating new passwords, as well as storing new passwords. 
  • If prompted, verify your identity using FaceID or PIN. 

You are now set up to use autofill with LastPass. 


Use Autofill

You can use autofill within an app or mobile web browser. 

  • Log into the LastPass Password Manager app on your iOS device
  • Open your desired app or navigate to your website's login screen on your mobile web browser. 
  • Tap anywhere within a login field, then tap to select your credentials that auto-populate in the QuickType bar. 
    • Tip: To select a different set of credentials, tap the in-field Password icon ios-pw-icon.png and select from the list displayed, or tap LastPass (at the bottom of the list) to be brought to your LastPass vault and make your selection. 
  • If you have enabled FaceID or PIN enabled, you will be prompted to verify your login. 
  • Once your credentials are filled, complete the login process to sign in to your app or website. 


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