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Workspace ONE, an endpoint management system, enhances the Technical Services team capabilities for tracking assets, reporting on security patching, deploying applications, and streamlining processes for all our endpoint devices (e.g. mobile devices, Windows laptops, and Mac laptops).

Apple releases updates for iPhones and iPads on a regular basis. To ensure our devices are secure, Technical Services has established a policy and process using Workspace ONE to push updates to WFAA Apple devices.

Technical Services will enable the policy to push the update out to the mobile devices. The update will download to the device in the background, preparing for installation.

Once the update is downloaded to the device, you will receive a pop-up on your screen to install.


If Install Now is selected, the update will begin to install on the device. Note: The device must have at least 50% battery available or plugged into the power source.

If Later is selected, a pop-up (see below) asking for your passcode and indicating that the update will apply between 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. as long as the device is connected to power. If you select the Later option, please make sure and plug your device in so that the update can apply during the alternate time.


If by Day 5, you have not applied your update to your mobile device(s), you will receive a non-compliant email from Workspace ONE.  Example below:


If by Day 8, you have not applied your update to your mobile device(s), you will receive another non-compliant email from Workspace ONE, and your manager will be copied. 


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