LastPass - Activating your account and installing the Chrome Extension


Activating your LastPass account

You will be receiving an email to activate your LastPass account. The email should come from It should look similar to this: 


The activation code will be unique to each activation email. 

To activate, you will click on the button "Activate LastPass". It will then redirect you to Microsoft Online to pick an account. Select on your supportuw email address: 



You will then be redirected to to complete the activation form. It will be asking for the activation code from the email: 


You will put the code in and click on "Continue". It will then run through it's process to activate your account. When it is compete it will take you to a site that looks like this: 


You will now need to install the extension for LastPass to work. 


Installing the Extension

You will pick up from the website above. Click on the button "Install LastPass" 

It will open a new tab and take you to the Chrome Web Store*. It should look similar to this: 


You will then click on "Add to Chrome". A new window should pop up asking to "Add 'LastPass: Free Password Manager'?", you will click on "Add Extension": 


You will then be redirected to sign into LastPass: 


Put in your supportuw email address in the email address section. You will not need a Master Password. When you put in your email address it will look like this: 


Click on "Log In". It will then redirect you to your Vault. 


You are now able to use LastPass.


It is recommended to pin the extension. 

To pin the extension, click on the puzzle piece in the top bar. Click on extension you are wanting to pin and click on the icon that looks like a push pin. Once you do that it will pin the extension: 


* If you were not redirected to the Chrome Store or Edge store, here are the links: 

LastPass Extension for Google Chrome

LastPass Extension for Microsoft Edge

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