Workspace ONE - Mac Updates


Workspace ONE, an endpoint management system, enhances the Technical Services team capabilities for tracking assets, reporting on security patching, deploying applications, and streamlining processes for all our endpoint devices (e.g. mobile devices, Windows laptops, and Mac laptops). 


Apple releases updates for Macs on a regular basis. To ensure our devices are secure, Technical Services has established a policy and process using Workspace ONE to push updates to WFAA Apple devices. 

  • Once an update is available from Apple, Technical Services releases it to a Mac test group. 
  • After a week of testing, Technical Services will release an announcement via Workspace ONE announcing the update to all Mac users. Example: 

    Apple released an update for your Mac. The Help Center will enable this update in Workspace ONE and will make available today. Please take some time and update your machine as soon as possible. 

If by Day 5, you have not applied your update to your Mac, you will receive a non-compliant notification from Workspace ONE. Example below: 



If you still haven't applied your update at Day 8, you and your manager will receive a non-compliant notification from Workspace ONE. 

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