Financial Edge - How to use Remote Desktop to access non-production environments


When access to FE non-production environments is needed, physical laptops are no longer used.  Instead, from your own computer, you need to use Remote Desktop to create a connection to another computer that has a FE client connected to the non-production environment.  All Finance FE users should be pre-configured to access these FE client non-production machines via remote desktop.

NOTE:  Only one person can login to these machines at a time.  If there is an active session and you need to find out who is using the machine, please contact the help center.

  • On your local Windows 10 PC:
    • In the search box on the taskbar, type Remote Desktop Connection, and then
    • select Remote Desktop Connection.
    • In Remote Desktop Connection, type the full name of the remote PC, and
      • In the Computer field enter the FE Client VM for the target environment, see below.
        • DEV/TEST: Computer =  feclient-dt
        • STAGE: Computer = feclient-s
    • select Connect.
  • One time per machine per user, in your Remote Desktop Connection, take these steps before using FE to ensure FE reports and FE printing don't raise errors.
    • See steps in the attached - To correct printer error in remote FE sessions when running reports.docx file



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