What information is available on the Advancement Resources website?


Users without a login can view information about the advancement work done by WFAA and campus colleagues on behalf of UW-Madison by visiting about.uwadvancement.org. This information includes these primary areas:

The site also hosts forms for requests services from WFAA:

Do I need a login?

Users with a login to Advancement Resources can access tools that enable them to create custom fund reports and view and update constituent data.

Depending on your level of access, you’ll be able to do one or more of the following tasks:

  • Manage constituents and view constituent data
  • Complete check/ACH requests
  • Complete gift and special deposit requests
  • View fund information and create custom fund reports

Those tasks are reviewed in other sections of the Help Center Knowledge Base, and training is provided to all new users of the system.

See this article for information regarding requesting access.

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